I am good in cases, when:

-Formal test procedure doesn´t show the cause of trouble
-Hardware swapping doesn´t resolve the problem
-You have no original service equipment
-You have no service or troubleshooting manuals
-And generally in complicated cases

                Why am I good? I am good because:

My peculiarity is a strong predisposition to understand
as thorough as possible the functioning of the system to be
treated and to use analysis and theory in preference
to formal experience while searching the source
of the problem. This approach brings relatively a lot
of independence of hardware types,
hardware physical principles, brands and OEMs,
and is minimum hardware swapping one.

I am well educated: M.S. honoured degree (red diploma)
of National Technical University of the Ukraine in Kiev
(S. Koroljov, the father of the Space Programmes of the
former Soviet Union, studied there).

I have unique experience repairing sophisticated
equipment of different manufacturers and types in true
independent environment, mainly in Magnetic Resonance
-in Kiev, 15 years repair services
for Magnetic Resonance Spectrometers (Bruker, Varian)

-and in Germany, more than 20 years worldwide repair and installation of MRI machines.
       I have successfully installed
30 systems (to the list),
and also cooled down 4 magnets (GE, Toshiba).

and also complicated scientific and
medical equipment

Advice, Assistance, Support  
by Repair and Installation

Phone: +49 (0)1577 1832552
Oldenburg, Germany